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Beekeeping at Orchard Therapeutic Farm


At Orchard Therapeutic Farm, we believe in sustainable practices, connecting with nature, and exploring the multifaceted benefits it offers. Our beekeeping programme is not only about understanding and nurturing bees but also delving into the versatile uses of beeswax, offering an accredited foundation for both primary and secondary young people.


What We Offer:


  1. Accreditation: Our beekeeping activities are accredited, ensuring that both primary and secondary young people achieve recognised qualifications while gaining hands-on experience in beekeeping.

  2. Practical Skills and Sustainable Uses: Beyond beekeeping techniques, participants explore the multifunctional uses of beeswax. Activities include crafting sustainable items such as sandwich wrappers, candles, and other eco-friendly products. This holistic approach combines beekeeping skills with sustainable practices, fostering creativity and environmental stewardship.

  3. Environmental Awareness: Our programme underscores the vital role bees play in pollination, ecosystem balance, and biodiversity. Through hands-on experiences, participants gain insights into bee behaviour, habitat preservation, and sustainable beekeeping practices.

  4. Therapeutic Benefits: Engaging with bees, understanding their lifecycle, and crafting with beeswax offers therapeutic benefits. Participants develop mindfulness, patience, and a deeper appreciation for nature's intricacies while contributing to sustainable practices.

  5. Tailored Experiences: Recognising individual interests and capabilities, we offer tailored experiences that cater to varying levels of expertise. Skilled instructors guide participants through activities, ensuring an enriching, enjoyable, and educational journey.


Why Choose Beekeeping at Orchard Therapeutic Farm?


  • Holistic Development: Our beekeeping programme aligns with our holistic approach, addressing physical, emotional, cognitive, and social dimensions. Participants not only learn beekeeping skills but also explore sustainable crafting, blending education with creativity.

  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Safety remains paramount. Our trained instructors ensure a secure, informative, and engaging environment, prioritising both participant well-being and educational outcomes.

  • Engaging and Rewarding: Beekeeping extends beyond the hive. Participants witness the marvels of bees, harvest honey, and explore sustainable uses of beeswax, crafting items that promote eco-friendly living and creativity.

  • Connection with Nature: Our programme offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, appreciate its beauty, and contribute to sustainable practices that benefit both humans and the environment.


Join us at Orchard Therapeutic Farm for an enlightening journey into the world of beekeeping and sustainable crafting. Whether you're passionate about bees, sustainability, or creative crafting, our programme offers a blend of education, accreditation, and enjoyment for all participants.