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Animal Care

Engaging with Animals: A Hands-On Experience at Orchard Therapeutic Farm


At Orchard Therapeutic Farm, our commitment to holistic development is exemplified through our hands-on animal care activities. We believe in empowering children and young people with practical skills, knowledge, and a profound understanding of animal welfare. Through interactive sessions, participants actively engage in feeding, cleaning, and meeting the animals, ensuring that they comprehend and cater to the five welfare needs essential for animal well-being.


What We Offer:


  1. Practical Animal Care Activities: Participants immerse themselves in daily farm routines, taking on responsibilities such as feeding, cleaning, grooming, and interacting with our diverse range of animals. These activities foster a sense of responsibility, empathy, and respect for all living beings.

  2. Understanding the Five Animal Welfare Needs: Through hands-on experiences, we educate participants about the five core welfare needs of animals: the need for a suitable environment, a suitable diet, to exhibit normal behaviour patterns, to be housed with, or apart from, other animals, and to be protected from pain, suffering, injury, and disease. Participants learn to recognise, understand, and address these needs, ensuring optimal animal well-being.

  3. Exploring the Role of Animals in Our World: Our programme delves into the pivotal role animals play in our lives and the broader world. Participants gain insights into animal-assisted therapies, conservation efforts, agriculture, companionship, and the myriad ways animals enrich and sustain human life. This exploration fosters appreciation, respect, and a deeper connection with the animal kingdom.


Why Choose Animal Engagement at Orchard Therapeutic Farm?


  • Holistic Development: Our hands-on animal engagement activities align with our holistic approach, promoting physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. Participants develop essential life skills, empathy, responsibility, and a profound connection with nature.

  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Under the guidance of our experienced staff, participants engage in safe, informative, and enriching activities, fostering positive interactions and meaningful learning experiences.

  • Empowering Experiences: Beyond the joy of animal interactions, our programme empowers participants with practical skills, knowledge, and a deep understanding of animal welfare, fostering confidence, competence, and compassion.

  • Connection with Nature: Our animal engagement activities provide a unique opportunity to connect with nature, appreciate its wonders, and develop a lifelong appreciation for animals and their essential roles in our world.


For more information about our engaging animal care activities or any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Join us at Orchard Therapeutic Farm for an enriching, educational, and empowering journey into the world of animal care and holistic development.